Weekend wonderfuls

September 16, 2012

I apologize. I have been a bit MIA. Lots of stuff going on - but boy did I miss blogging. I have so much to catch you guys up on :)

**As promised, I will be posting a review of P28 Protein Bread this week. I’m trying to eat it in a many concoctions as possible first ;) **

Anyways, I must say, I have been loving DC recently. I set a goal when I turned 24 that I would go out and try more things in the city. There is so much here - sometimes a bit intimidating with so many choices - but I dove right in the past 2 weeks!

Last weekend, I met a good friend of mine Shira for an afternoon bike ride and a stop at Union Market. What is that you say?

Union Market is the newest market here in DC but its not like any other market in the city! A mix of a farmers market goods, chic restaurant booths, local fresh retailers, and other foodie ventures in the city, it is a mecca for a foodie’s taste buds! It is located close to Gallaudet University (1309 5th Street NE) in a beautiful, open, modern building that screams curiosity.

They had an oyster bar, a sausage station, fresh pickles, flowers, a soda fountain, different meats, and so much more to come!

Shira and I walked around, tried a million things, and settled on a delicious juice bar.

Ive never had juice from a real juicer before. I have made my own green smoothies, but nothing like this. It is pulp free, pure healthy juice. We tried a million flavors. Shira settled on watermelon and I chose cucumber. Then we were geniuses and swapped a bit of each juice so we could mix. Best idea ever. MMM I want more now.

And that cute glass jar? You betcha I have been using that for all things liquid the past week (my iced coffee, water, my aminos etc). So cute!

Must go back here! Check it out here for updates and events!

Another new obsession I have in the great district has obsession defined as an understatement.


When I went to McGill, my senior year was filled with lots of Moksha Yoga - a hot flow class. I was in love. I did it 4-5 times a week. My body was the so flexible and I felt “long” and lengthened.

When I moved to DC, I tried to find something comparable. I tried Bikram - but I didn’t like the lack of flow and it was just a tad too hot! I tried some other studios and just didn’t fall in love. I am a “i need to sweat when I workout” type of girl, but I couldn’t find a normal studio that had this umph!

I bought a Groupon ages ago for Stroga - an adorable studio on 18th and Columbia. With the goal of trying their strength classes (not the Str- in Stroga), I didn’t even go once. Fail.

Since I have been weightlifting so much, I really craved a more low intensity, lengthening, and relaxing workout! I decided to try Stroga one time - give it a chance. I signed up for 1 hour 15 minutes of Vinyasa Flow with Greg. Even though my Groupon expired, the amazing people at the front desk gave me my 10 classes anyways (who does that in this city!?) and so I had to give it a try, right?

Wow. I walked out a different person. I was dripping in sweat (no, people, it wasn’t a hot yoga studio). I felt refreshed, at peace, relaxed, and strong. I could tell I was so much stronger from my other workouts, holding positions and trying new things, even more so than when I was doing it every other day! It reassured me that mixing up my workouts was actually more beneficial than I thought. Aside for challenging your body, the strength you gain in one type of workout can truly benefit you in another. The strength I have gained in my arms and core significantly increased my yogi abilities!

I now go to Vinyasa Flow or Power Flow (shorter but more intense class) 2-3 times a week. I usually go on my rest days to keep my body active, but also have snuck it in on other days too (because I love it so much!)

Seriously. Try it. I know you’re saying its not a workout (it is - I sweat like woah) and its a waste of time (sorry wrong again, you’ll feel and see a difference I promise). Just give it a try. It’s a little piece of heaven. Just look at this place?

Its beautiful. Crown molding, baby blue walls. I would decorate my own home just like this one day.

If anyone wants a yogi buddy, I will be there in a heart beat!